Microservices Advantages

Microservices Advantages: 3 Benefits for Your Business

If you have any plan on growing your business or project or improving it with the latest updates, then microservices is the way to go. The key microservices advantages include flexibility, scalability, and reusability. 


Microservices are a collection of smaller services. It is also known as microservice architecture as it is mainly an architectural style application that combines smaller applications.

The services that make up microservice architecture have certain characteristics and distinct features. They are as follows: 

  • The services are highly maintainable 
  • It is effortless to test the smaller services individually 
  • The services are independent and can be deployed independently
  • The services are developed depending on the business capability 
  • A small team works a microservice and develops it independently 

Smaller services having these characteristics are developed independently and then get combined to form microservice architecture. This formation is capable of providing fast and reliable results.

3 Major Benefits of Microservices

Among all the benefits a microservice can provide to a project or business, three major advantages of microservices are discussed 


First of all, one major benefit of microservices is that it is reusable. Typically, microservices are generic in order to serve various purposes and business scenarios, making them reusable in many contexts. Furthermore, each service also provides a wide range of endpoints and is able to interact with different systems that businesses may already have in place.   

For example, a calendar-booking system (calendar service) using microservices catering to various needs. It can be tweaked to just perform one task, RSVP. In order to create this change, developers only have to tweak the existing calendar service app.

As this new app does not take development from scratch, it saves a huge amount of time and resources. Only a few customization and changes are enough to create a new microservice application.

Development Speed

Microservices allows fast development. As the services are already built and can be manipulated to develop a new system, it does not take much time. It is like building blocks. As long as you have individual blocks, you can create different structures in no time. 

All the smaller services are developed and tested. Hence it becomes easy to develop a new app. Using ready-made components and integration, cloud microservices, along with CI/CD deployment methodology, etc., allows developing and pushing multiple services to production environments (going live!) at incredible speeds without interfering with the stability.

With microservices, MVP can be up and effective in a very short time and making additional changes becomes easy too. Microservices allows simple and effective developmental strategies for faster deliveries. 


Another one of the best microservices architecture advantages is scalability. Microservices offer dynamic systems and solutions. Web Applications are made lightweight with small integrated services. This leads to a decrease in loading times and lags due to less storage space. This makes it easier to add or remove new smaller services to the existing application. In microservices, different services can be written in a different language.  Above that, different parts can be stored and run from different devices. 

As workload grows with more storage requirements and faster access, it needs to scale up. Scaling up or expanding the existing system or application with more devices or more service is effortless with microservices. There is less possibility of error occurrence as the services are independent and can function without any dependence. 

To Conclude

These three microservices advantages are prominent enough to make businesses or organizations change their monolithic system into a microservices architecture. 

In the near future, all systems or web applications will be developed based on microservices as it is the best solution for the existing problems.

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